Zero Waste Management Programs

Resource Recovery and Waste Reduction

Guide Resource Recovery
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What is Resource Recovery?
It is the extraction of useful resources from a waste stream that would otherwise be dumped at a landfill.

How our approach helps Municipalities, Regional Districts and other organizations:

  • Achieve Waste Reduction Goals through Resource Recovery
  • Community based employment opportunities
  • Economic Development
  • Social Engagement – opportunities to connect with community
  • Behavioural Change
  • Generates Revenues, and
  • Reduce Waste disposal Costs


Zero Impact
Zero Impact businesses essentially offer clean, green products and services with no negative impact on the environment. This strategy requires changes to every aspect of most businesses from printing invoices, to delivering products. By adjusting our business practices to to align with a waste reduction strategy, we can drastically cut our overall carbon footprint and reduce our negative effect on the environment.

One of our fundamental needs is food production. Our current practices of production, distribution, and preparation contribute significant damage to the environment. There are options that can solve this dilemma, if we think it through. For example, home gardens, raw and seasonal foods, composting, minimal use of kitchen appliances, and eating low on the food chain. These same basic approaches can be applied in every business environment, which can lead to reduced costs and increased revenues.