Sustainable Business Strategies

“We brought in Greenomics to analyze our GHG emissions and to identify the optimal location for our next manufacturing facility for our HolyCrap and Skinny B ready to eat cereals. This strategic approach will lead to a reduction in GHG emissions of 60% while simultaneously reducing costs and improving customer service which is the ultimate business case for sustainability.”

Brian Mullins, CEO
Hapi Foods Group Inc.

“We engaged Greenomics to define our firm`s Corporate Sustainability plan. We are one of Canada`s leading consulting engineering firms, six decades old and 400 people strong. From commencement of this grand endeavour, we have found their team to be proactive, collegial, responsive and highly knowledgeable in the business of sustainability.”

Patti Glass, Corporate Marketing Specialist
Read Jones Christoffersen

Integrated Sustainability Strategies
Integrated sustainability strategies for businesses and organizations need be closely linked to community and environmental sustainability strategies. To develop an effective solution requires factoring for social and environmental factors that interface with businesses to ensure an integrated solution that effectively balances all three key variables of community, the environment, and profitability. Our approach includes these variables to offer tailored solutions specific to your business in a range of industries including FMCG, professional services, manufacturing, institutional, and various levels of governments.

A solid grounding of the growing influence and significance of sustainability principles and of implementing an effective corporate sustainability strategy can give your organization a stronger position in the marketplace and a distinct competitive advantage. An effective corporate sustainability strategy benefits companies in many ways that can significantly boost profitability and value:

    • Attracting and retaining top talent
    • Increasing employee productivity and satisfaction
    • Proactive management and response to current and emerging business risks
    • Increasing market share and new markets via product and service differentiation
    • Reducing operating and production costs; and
    • Enhancing image, reputation, and brand recognition

We can accelerate your efforts to embrace sustainable business practices, and gain profitability and growth, while satisfying growing stakeholder demands to safeguard and restore the environment and improve quality of life for their communities and society.