Chapman Creek Fish Hatchery Achieves Zero Waste Silver Status


SilverThe Sunshine Coast Salmonid Enhancement Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to sustaining and building salmon and trout stocks in local waterways and facilitating public education regarding Salmonid habitat and life cycles. In their efforts to improve their impacts on the environment the Society decided to pursue the Greenomics Zero Waste Certification program. The Certification Program is based on the foundational principles established by the Zero Waste International Alliance and Zero Waste Canada.

The program includes a comprehensive review of key business functions including Leadership, Innovation, Supply Chain, Operations, Products and Services, and Reporting. After the review a certification level is determined along with a summary report that identifies specific steps for improving and gaining a higher certification rating. The Chapman Creek Fish Hatchery successfully achieved a rating of Silver and is already engaged in steps to reach for Gold or Platinum!

David Burnett, Executive Director for the Hatchery, was delighted with the results and particularly appreciated the report with steps for improvement. “We strive to enhance our operation on a daily basis and with the steps identified in the Zero Waste Certification Report we have a clear path to follow that will help us improve!”

Erich Schwartz, Greenomics’ President noted, “We achieved everything the program was designed to do. Save money, increase revenue and improve the environmental performance! I look forward to reviewing their operation next year and seeing just how much they have achieved! This is a classic Case Study and the management and volunteers at the Hatchery are key to this success story.”

Greenomics is a consultancy that offers professional services in sustainable business practices including Strategy, Greenhouse Gas Management, and Zero Waste programs and Zero Waste Certification.

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