Erich Schwartz – Founder and President
Erich is a Management Consultant and Entrepreneur focused on developing and implementing sustainable business practices for a variety of businesses, governments, and organizations – globally and across industries. Specifically, he has been highly successful with sustainability programs, large scale information and educational technology projects, and telecommunications infrastructure integration projects for Fortune 500, Crown Corporations, Governments, and mid-size businesses throughout the world.

Erich is an experienced leader, working with business, government, and community stakeholders to develop long term strategies and influence policy. In developing and implementing sustainable business practices, his firm grasp of the need for financial viability ensures quantifiable results that make businesses more competitive and resilient during downturns and thrive in good times.

Erich combines the breadth and depth of his business experience with a life-long passion for sustainable business practices by establishing and running Greenomics Corporation, a consultancy that combines business, education, and community leadership to help transition businesses and communities to sustainable practices while maintaining or increasing profitability.


Tanya Smith – Director International Development


Tanya has a passion for smart development, where morality and market competitiveness work in tandem. Holding an MSc in Development Studies from the London School of Economics, she has a solid understanding of the socio-economic obstacles and opportunities in today’s global economy. As a professional researcher, Tanya has worked with governments, businesses, and civil society organisations around the world, to achieve sustainable development. She has expertise in corporate social responsibility, ethical supply chain management, community economic development, vulnerable populations, and climate change. Within these areas, Tanya has over eight years of experience with qualitative and quantitative research methods, project design and management, policy analysis, and results communication through published materials, workshops and presentations. Her research offers a fresh approach to complex issues through a fine balance of behavioural economics, context analysis, and informal and formal stakeholder engagement. Tanya enjoys the challenge of finding sustainable solutions in a dynamic global economy on behalf of our clients.

Loÿs Maingon – Registered Professional Biologist
LM pic 1Loÿs (Lewis) specializes in the assessment, restoration and conservation of freshwater ecosystems and advises on environmental issues. He is a member of both the Canadian Society of Environmental Biologists, the International Association for Impact Assessments, the Society for Freshwater Science and the Canadian Ornithological Society. He is also currently the Canadian Chair of ISO/CAC Technical 147 SC6 (Water Quality – Sampling Methods) which reviews international protocols and establishes guidances for methods of testing water quality. As such he is also a member of various international committees and working groups interested in environmental water quality. Aside from his scientific expertise, Loÿs was a post-doctoral Killam fellow at UBC. His interest in waste stems from the fact that the environmental impacts of waste generation have largely cultural roots, and zero waste presents a cultural shift towards a sustainable environment. He also forms part of Greenomics core Resource Recovery team.

Claudia Bierth – Senior Consultant
Claudia BierthClaudia specializes in providing strategic planning, analysis and research as well as communications services for corporate sustainability. She has over twelve years consultancy experience in providing strategic advice to large, medium and small sized corporations and non-profit organizations in Canada, Germany, and India on strategic planning, communications, impact measurement and reporting. Her combined experience in the private and civil society sectors has provided her with an excellent understanding of environmental and social sustainability issues, the changing expectations of stakeholders and their impact on business. Claudia is an expert in identifying metrics and methods to measure the business and societal impact of sustainability initiatives and communicating them effectively internally and externally. Claudia holds an MBA in Sustainability and Strategy from the University of British Columbia and a Masters degree in Applied Cultural Sciences from the University of Mainz in Germany.

Aron Bjornson – Supply Chain Management Lead
Aron3Aron is highly skilled at helping businesses create and tell their sustainable stories. Building on his Bachelor of Commerce, his work includes providing strategic marketing direction to socially responsible companies and innovative organizations that promote sustainability. His blend of strategy, hands on operational knowledge, and community engagement ideally positions him for helping companies pursue Sustainability to become more profitable. He has played integral roles in creating a market-leading triple bottom line culture. He is highly successful at building core customer bases through deep community engagement, working on the shop floor, leading supply chain management, retail design, brand design, website building, and crisis management.

Dara Edmonds- Sustainability Reporting Specialist
Dara Edmonds PhotoA lawyer by training, Dara became interested in business’ role in sustainability while working at the International Centre for Trade and Development in Geneva, Switzerland. For more than eight years, she has worked with public and private sector corporations, providing expertise in the areas of corporate social responsibility, sustainability assurance and reporting. Believing what gets measured gets managed, Dara helps organizations identify and quantify impacts on stakeholders and report on their performance. This work includes evaluations of corporate performance, reporting, data management, and organizational systems, as well as the application of external assurance standards, such as AA1000, GRI, and codes of conduct. One of Dara’s strengths is her ability to collaborate with clients to develop realistic and workable sustainability strategies and implementation measures.

Dara also works on regional social sustainability issues. Over the years she has assisted not-for-profits and governments with corporate social responsibility program assessments and the development of sustainability indicators, benchmarks, targets, and sustainability strategies. She is equally adept at working with stakeholders, having coordinated and conducted numerous stakeholder education and consultation sessions designed to lay the foundation for sustainability initiatives. Dara holds a B.A. and an LL.B.

Erica Groshler – Change Management Lead
Erics GErica knows an organization’s commitment to creating a sustainable culture inherently implies change. Erica brings a wealth of experience in supporting organizations change and transform their cultures. Erica combines evidence-based techniques along with practicality in helping her clients address their challenges. Known for her enthusiastic, highly professional and compassionate approach, she is regarded as being able to pinpoint exactly our client’s needs. Erica possesses a BA in Industrial Relations from McGill University, and an MA in Educational Technology from Concordia University.

Monika Marcovici – Sustainability Transformation Strategist
Monika Marcovici copyMonika’s career spans more than 15 years, and she is one of a rare breed that can take the deep technical dive and focus on strategy. Her corporate career began in Europe with high tech giants, until she transitioned to Vancouver BC, where she focused on Digital Media. Always an innovator, she founded a productions company that focused on interactive corporate communications that created online communications strategies and websites alignment for clients such as the BC Yellow Pages and ICBC. Monika identified her need to align her professional career with her sustainability values and built a client base of mostly environmental organizations such as Greenpeace International. Realizing that working with Environmental Organizations is only part of the solution, she has since expanded into the business community wherein she brings her understanding of best business practices within a sustainable framework. Her background and education are as diverse as her skills and talents. Born in Vienna, Austria, she is fluent in French, German and English, and holds a degree in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo. She also holds a post graduate degree in Information Systems from the University of Geneva, courses in graphic design at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, and certificate from Bainbridge Graduate Institute.

Allyson Rogers – Sustainable Tourism Industry Lead
Allyson Rogers2Ms. Rogers has over 20 years experience in the realm of eco tourism and best practices for sustainability. From luxury sailing charters in the Caribbean to eco adventure in BC’s backcountry, she has always lived and worked very close to Nature. An entrepreneur with a pioneering spirit, she is sole creator of the Siwash Lake Ranch, a family farm and BC wilderness tourism operation that has garnered the highest eco-rating possible within the industry. Siwash has starred in BC’s Small Business Profile 2009, in the Ministry of Agriculture’s “Fields for the Future Campaign” and very recently, in a project to help demonstrate and deploy clean energy technologies in remote BC, supported by the Province’s Innovative Clean Energy (ICE) Fund.

Allyson’s passion for environmentally responsible living and land stewardship drives her values-based lead towards a triple bottom line, for nurturing people, planet and profit in the process of conducting sustainable business. She is a graduate of UBC, past president and current board member of the BC Guest Ranchers’ Association, and a sector liaison for GO2 (BC tourism’s human resources agency). As owner and operator of a world-class, off-grid tourism destination, she is an inspiring role model and compassionate mentor, bringing to the Greenomics team a unique and practical perspective for helping corporate leaders (and BC’s tourism industry in particular) to engage in the business of sustainability.

Andrea Shalinsky – Workshop Lead and Life Coach
andrea-shalinskyAndrea’s approach to life has been to encompass all aspects of a business which includes economic, social, and environmental. She achieves this by building businesses that contribute to society, protect the environment, and maintain financial viability. A seasoned Instructional Designer, Andrea combines her Bachelor of Commerce and Masters of Instructional Design with over 10 years of field experience to create systems and processes to manage both unforeseen and anticipated project challenges. She specializes in training design and development and has done work for various audiences including transportation, public utilities, government, software development, and primary metals. Andrea brings a broad range of training design, development and delivery skills and knowledge.

Valerie Thai – Graphic Artist
ValerieValerie Thai specializes in art direction, print design and illustration for various non-profits, arts and culture organizations, as well as socially conscious and sustainable companies. With over ten years of design experience, she has had the opportunity of designing magazines, books, posters, as well as various marketing and branding materials.

Valerie was the award-winning Head Designer and Art Director of Adbusters Magazine for 5 years running. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of British Columbia and a Bachelor of Design from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design.

Tim Turner – Creative Change Lead
Tim TurnerTim provides exceptional brand and communication services for discerning clients with a penchant for sustainability. Even though he has both a Bachelor of Commerce and a Law Degree from Canada’s top schools, his real passion is in public consultation, creative messaging, and leading large scale projects. He has excelled in executive production, account management, and creative oversight for a variety of clients locally and internationally. He has helped companies build their image through logos and stationary, creative poster campaigns, multimedia, and television commercials. He has gained international exposure as the producer and creative director of the award winning documentary, Adele’s Wish. His focus on building compelling stories has been acknowledged through many awards including Silver at the Houston Film Festival, Award of Excellence and Award of Distinction from GRAPHEX, and the Gold Award at Worldfest Film Festival in Public Service. He also achieved 1st Place, at the Medical Marketing Association awards. Tim runs the gamut from helping boutique operations, to assisting international businesses seeking to convey their message in a compelling fashion.